This is my thin slice of the internet pie. I hope you like what you see.

I haven’t decided what I love more, reading or telling stories. I like to tell stories about the world, to connect dots, to understand. There’s a piece of me in everything that you’ll read here. It’s okay to not agree with me — half the time I don’t even agree with myself. I do, however, try to be honest. My points of view are constantly changing, evolving, as am I. My story is still being written. Feel free to tag along.

I have sought (and am still seeking) wisdom from everywhere, trying to understand my place in this world. I’ll write on everything from philosophy, modern technology, science, religion, and spirituality. I’ll (hopefully) share my fiction more frequently, too.



Tawanda Eddie Jr.

A Fullstack Engineer seeking truth, wisdom, and, above all, enlightenment where technology and philosophy intersect. | Fiction lover 🌐: